CBYX: CIEE: Experiment

CBYX stands for the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange. It’s a scholarship for a year aborad joint funded by the US State Department and the German Bundestag, which is their congress. The US is split into five regions, and a different organization covers each region. The Southeast is headed by CIEE, or the Council on International Educational Exchange, for the application process. Once I am in Germany, Experiment E.v. takes over. There are 250 total scholarships, so each region gets 50.

The scholarship includes:

  • International airfare to and from Germany (departing from Washington D.C.)
  • Pre- Departure orientation in Washington D.C.
  • Three-week language and cultural immersion camp
  • Mid-year meeting in Bonn
  • Host family stay in Germany (including meals and lodging)
  • Schooling/classes while in Germany
  • Local Coordinator Supervision
  • Health and accident insurance
  • End-of-year seminar in Berlin

So basically what I have to pay is personal expenses, clothing, and if I want to go out ever.

You can read more about the CBYX Scholarship at:


and about CIEE: CBYX at:


and just about CIEE in general:


and about Experiment E.v:


APPLY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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