May 2016, so many things have changed in my life since this time in 2012. Four years ago it was officially decided that I would be spending my senior year abroad in Germany. It seems like an eternity ago when I left my high school as a student for the last time, most people not even knowing I was never coming back until well into the time I was gone. Three years ago (2013) I was counting down the 40 days and 40 nights until my arrival back in Rockbridge, not being able to call it home because I can no longer honestly say where home is because my heart has its place in so many places around the world now. Two years ago (May 2014) I reconnected with the one person who has made the largest impact in my life since high school. My time with them wound up being much shorter than expected and I don’t even have to use my “I can only imagine…” statement when I talk about what they are doing now. The circumstances are different but the journey follows  a similar path and I hope they are enjoying it to its full potential. One year ago (May 2015) it was accepted I would not be soon enjoying time out of the United States. I earned my first degree, saw the lowest GPA of my life, made a trip to New York, and was involved in my very first motor vehicle accident and was accepted to the university of my dreams. I made a major milestone on that Friday and the following Monday I was in the ambulance driving to the hospital more concerned about how the wreck would change the other people in my life than my immediate feelings. That day changed my life in so many ways, so many things were clearer and I thought the path of my future  was crystal clear. Now it is May 2016 and I am about to finish my first (and hardest academic) year of four year school. I have a small group of incredible friends who have helped me through the transition that is university. I have accepted great loss to the friends who are important to me but no longer a part of my life. It has taken me time to see it is not always selfish to take care of myself first. I miss the lost and I love the memories we shared together. It is possible one day we will be okay again but I do not see that day in the near future. I do however see a future with people who seem to be in it for the long run, a full commitment of long time commitment.

It is amazing what I have learned from people during my journey since leaving home for the second time. Now my mom puts me on airplanes and drops me off at the “kiss and fly” spot. I am not going “home” again any time soon, the number of days of living in my childhood home are dwindling down. Soon I will no longer “live at home” and will have a life which has been shaped and guided by all the people who were/are important in my life. For all the people I have known and loved I can assure you there is a habit or something I do on a weekly basis and every time I do it I think of you, the one who taught me just to do it that way. I love all the people have guided me on my journey thus far and have room to love more as I am sure the amount of people I can love is not near its limit yet.


I am sorry about not writing a last good-bye post before I left, I really should have. However, I was not really ready to say good-bye yet and I am not sure I am ready now either. Over the years I have heard many people tell me, seen a whole bunch of cute signs, and of course things all over facebook all about “Home is where the heart is.” Which I think is very true, do not get me wrong, but coming home to America was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. Harder than jumping 10 meters off a diving board at the Campus Bad, Harder than the last exam of Pre-Calc, harder than the only AP test I have ever taken, harder than saying good-bye to my cat, harder than saying good-bye to Austin, harder than saying good-bye to every member of my family and stepping on the plan to leave America for 11 months. Though today I have seen two of my favorite people from Germany, both at the same time in the same place, I cannot say my heart will ever be whole again. My home, or so I think hopefully my host family agrees, is in two places now. I have my life here in America and I have my life in Germany, slowly I have seen I may be able to mend the two so they get along with each other. I no longer have one home, and I now have to very big sections of my life, it’s hard to make them all one but the people on top never got there without some struggle.

Before I get to what I did actually do my last few weeks in Germany, I will tell you a little bit about being home.

I am home, my parents are here, everybody is healthy and I made it through the year alive and so did everybody on my side, or my close family anyways. I am thankful for that.

I have learned a lot about myself this year, and slowly examples of these things are showing up again and again. Today is a prime example. I am currently baking muffins (that is actually why I am writing my blog post, time in between sets of muffins going in the oven) something I have never done super often, but here I am baking muffins. Before living with Loke, a 7/8 year old through out my time in Germany, I would force all of the people in my house watch me bake or cook and wait until the end so I could see my final product for myself. I would snap, through tempter tantrums, stop in the middle of baking if somebody ate a cookie, a brownie, a mint, or a cupcake before I was finished. Now cooking brownies I wish Loke or my little sister where here asking if they could have a taste of a warm muffin, or somebody purposely sticking there hands in the batter “on accident” if they liked how the batter taste. I am alone and finished cooking, about 56 muffins, and the presentation at the end means nothing.


so it is simple things like that that make me not sure about where I am in my life right now emotionally. However, I know where I am physically! London England! 😀 I will write a post about our first week here in England!

May 18, 2013

So as I said, I kind of hurt my toe a little bit, I will be fine and it will grow back, and it is not broken, But just look :D
So as I said, I kind of hurt my toe a little bit, I will be fine and it will grow back, and it is not broken, But just look 😀

Like I said in my last post. I have not forgotten about you guys. And today, today, you have a lot of luck. I am okay, but this morning I tripped over our threshold while trying to chase my brother outside, resulting in my destroying my other big toe. Nothing is broken, but none the less I screamed my host mom’s name and then walked inside and almost cried. While I was sitting on the couch with my foot on the floor I almost fainted, but did not. I then laid on the floor while pre-medical Ashlen and Handball trainer/Germany’s best mom Maike attended to my foot. Then I laid on the floor and waited while Maike went to the pharmacy to  get some disinfection, bandages, and what ever else they thought I would need. I was surprised when they returned home. My little brother had asked to go with Maike so he could get me something from Edeka (our grocery store) for me. He brought me back a great big chocolate bar!

After a minor Medical injury my little brother bought me chocolate to make me feel better :D
After a minor Medical injury my little brother bought me chocolate to make me feel better 😀

Then I was packed up into the car and we headed to Loke’s friend’s house because his parents are doctors. I was quickly checked out and was told I would live. I cannot play soccer tomorrow, or go out to the Disco tonight, and I have some sweet new bandages and two destroyed big toes from my stay in Germany that will last at least until next year. So every time I paint my nails I will be thinking of Germany. Moving on from that, I am great, and I have kind of left you guys behind on my blog. I think to recap everything that has happened I will just tell you about all the pictures I posted in the last blog post and then move on to some fresher stuff. Picture 1: My new Hummel shoes. Hummel is a brand I have only seen here in Germany, and I love these shoes. These shoes are one of the big things I saved for / bought for my self for christmas. I love these shoes so much, I will wear them so much as soon as the weather stays nice and my foot is better. They are like a mix of classic converse and sport shoes. If you have seen Magic Mike, they are the shoes “The Kid” is wearing in the opening scene when The Kid and Mike meet! Picture 2: This is probably the best picture I took in our art class while we were working on certain types of photography, so here, for your wonder eyes to see. Picture 3: This is obviously another injury. I got stepped on at a game one cold winter day in March. not so much fun, but an impressive bruise I think. Picture 4: This is my art class Picture 5: These are the emergency exit steps to the teacher’s work room at our school Picture 6: me Picture 7: This is a picture of my go go, no stop weekend. I went to the Max (our Disco) two days in a row and then had a free day on Monday. It was pretty great Picture 8: This is my Maggie. She is a cute little cheerleader who I love and will miss so much next year! Picture 9: Also from my  go go no stop weekend Okay, this is going to be hard. So a lot of my pictures are from my trip to spain with my friend Laura. We went for one week to visit her aunt, uncle, and cousins. it was a really fantastic experience. We went to the beach, we at so much colombian food, and even went to a theme park! There are also some pictures in there from  my Best friend (Margaret and Malinda’s) Birthday. I was sad to miss it, but we are good and I cannot wait to see them again!   that brings me nicely into the fact that I will be home very very soon. In less  than a month I will be sleeping in “my” other bed and showering in “my” shower and washing my hands in “my” sink. It is so interesting now, I went on a five day trip to visit my dad’s cousin and her husband in Munich. (We had so much! We visited castles and took some bus tours, I ate a ton of food! I think my favorite part was getting to Rita and her family, learning some things about Bavaria and seeing the Neuschwanstein Castle.) But when I got so “home”  and my host mom picked me up from the train station it was so nice. I had missed my family so much! I managed to miss both Mother’s day and father’s day all in the same week it kind of sucked haha. But I wa so happy to be home  and sleep in my bed, use my shower, and wash my face in my sink, sit at my place at the table, see my cats, until I realized how much I love it here and i feel it is my home, I still have to go home. People ask me all the time if I am excited to go home, do I want to go home, am I ready to leave Germany, Do I miss America, and all of these questions. Yes, I want to go home, but it is not because I do not like my home here. Am I excited to go home? Heck yes, I have not hugged my mother, been kissed by my dad, seen my siblings, grandparents, my twins, or my American friends in over 10 months. Am I ready to leave Germany? It is not like I am done and ich habe kein bock mehr, I did not get to pick my date. I am going home when they send me home. If I could spend exactly one year in Germany I would be okay with that too, but I will go to America when they tell me I have to on my plane ticket not purchased by me. I miss my mom and family and friends in America, but I think the hardest thing is I know I will see my friends in America again. All of them, at least one more time. However, when I get on that plane and see all of my exchange students one last time, and then I get in the car and drive home from DC, I have no idea when I will see Hauke, Maike, Loke, Ashlen, Laura, Lauren, Mary, Jaime, Maggie, Tjark, Morten, Garret, Phillip, Kira, Melina, Melina, Jana, Nadine, Katharina, Hanna, Laura, my soccer team and my class, people from my school, my host grandparents, my host great aunt and uncle, Rita and her husband (and anybody else I have forgotten) or even if I will ever see them again. I will come back to Germany with out one doubt in my mind. College? Maybe 😀 but all of these things running through my mind it is hard to answer all of these questions so simply.  My life has changed already so much just in this one year. I mean this summer I am doing another three week exchange to Bradford, England. My life will be so different. Maybe America is not where I want to spend the rest of my life, maybe it is. Who knows? not me, not yet. As my last 28 days are very very quickly coming to an end we have mad a bucket list naming everything we need to accomplish before we leave. Okay, with my toe, nothing is happening this weekend but I have less than 30 days left. Which is a lot if you are grounded, but not very long if you have to leave somewhere you love.   Now, after all that emotional thing. Wenn du ein Deutsch bist, und du hast gelesen. Du musst in meine Buch schreiben. Ich brinde es mit am Dienstag bis wann ich lose fahren. Frage mich!   If you are not German, and cannot read that, just skip to the pictures of the last month or so :

IMG_5559 IMG_5565 IMG_5566 IMG_1126 IMG-20130509-WA0000 IMG_1132 IMG_5586 IMG_1140 IMG_1142 IMG_1144 IMG_1146 IMG_5597 IMG_5599 IMG_20130510_212026 IMG_20130510_231537 IMG_1150 IMG_5622 IMG_1153 IMG_1156 IMG_1160 IMG_1164 IMG_1165 IMG_5636 IMG_5637 IMG_5642 IMG_20130511_163650 IMG_1171 IMG_1172 IMG_5648 IMG_5650 IMG_5651 Penelope IMG_5657 IMG_5661 IMG_5663

Marcus (Rita and Andy's Son)

Marcus (Rita and Andy’s Son)

The Neuschwanstein Castle!!!!!

The Neuschwanstein Castle!!!!!

IMG_5672 IMG_5682

The Neuschwanstein Castle Bridge!!!!!

The Neuschwanstein Castle Bridge!!!!!

This was my trip to Austria

This was my trip to Austria

The Neuschwanstein Castle!!!!!

The Neuschwanstein Castle!!!!!

IMG-20130511-WA0002 IMG_20130511_182157

The Neuschwanstein Castle!!!!!

The Neuschwanstein Castle!!!!!

The Neuschwanstein Castle!!!!!

The Neuschwanstein Castle!!!!!


Andy's Car

Andy’s Car

The Neuschwanstein Castle!!!!!

The Neuschwanstein Castle!!!!!


Rita, Me, and Andy on Mother's Day :D

Rita, Me, and Andy on Mother’s Day 😀

I got kissed by  a fish :D

I got kissed by a fish 😀

The train station in Munich (München)

The train station in Munich (München)

Cereal tester in Edeka Now I friends who can drive in two countries Laura, because YOLO

IMG_5539 IMG_20130509_140651 IMG_1124 IMG_5527 IMG_5526 IMG_5524 IMG_5514 IMG_5512 IMG_5471

School, when we are all stress studying for our math test

School, when we are all stress studying for our math test

My favorite toy in the whole world

My favorite toy in the whole world

no, no, no, no matter what you say we are going to say it is warm and we are going to the beach.

no, no, no, no matter what you say we are going to say it is warm and we are going to the beach.

IMG_5458 IMG_5454

FINALLY we do something interesting in Physik

FINALLY we do something interesting in Physik

My brother :D

My brother 😀

Climbing Park

Climbing Park


Oh, no big deal, we are now all major Table tennis players, except for me of course. Because I am horrible

Oh, no big deal, we are now all major Table tennis players, except for me of course. Because I am horrible

NBD, my class

NBD, my class



Lets all just sit outside okay, because it is super warm and we just go back from McDonalds

Lets all just sit outside okay, because it is super warm and we just go back from McDonalds

Apple Fries

Apple Fries

Be careful, or you will wind up in my Blog. We went fishing in Germany :D

Be careful, or you will wind up in my Blog. We went fishing in Germany 😀

Loke's Birthday

Loke’s Birthday

My cereal :D

My cereal 😀


MY GERMAN! CARINA! We are making orange juice! it was so good! I am asking for an electric orange juice maker and an orange tree when I get married :D

MY GERMAN! CARINA! We are making orange juice! it was so good! I am asking for an electric orange juice maker and an orange tree when I get married 😀


My grandparents Birthday Party

My grandparents Birthday Party

IMG_5351 IMG_5337

Oh, um, I got my ear pierced again :D

Oh, um, I got my ear pierced again 😀

This is what our chalkboards look like here

This is what our chalkboards look like here

IMG_20130418_110712 IMG_20130416_181912

Me giving my Ambassador Project presentation :D

Me giving my Ambassador Project presentation 😀

p.s. a little love for you. My favorite video on Youtube

I have not forgotten you

April 20, 2013

I will write a long post soon, but I just wanted to put some pictures up right now and I will get back to writing stuff when I am not writing Essays for College scholarships! I love you guys!IMG_5261




My foot, which hurt pretty bad there for awhileMy Art class IMG_5223 IMG_5238 IMG_20130325_143356 IMG_5295
IMG_20130325_143403 IMG_20130401_132132 IMG_20130401_151330 IMG_20130401_151314 IMG_5266 IMG_20130401_151356IMG_20130409_100415 IMG_20130409_045535 IMG_20130409_003405 IMG-20130407-WA0003 IMG-20130407-WA0002 IMG_20130408_110821 IMG_20130408_110825 IMG-20130407-WA0009 IMG_20130325_143356 IMG_20130407_152907 IMG_20130407_133413 IMG_20130406_143634 IMG_20130406_150047 IMG_5295 IMG_20130407_131028 IMG_20130314_082816 IMG_20130314_082316 IMG_20130406_132754 IMG_20130405_200957 IMG_20130405_150100 IMG_20130405_142904 My Best Friends Birthday Colombian Iced Tea classic Selfie The size of the TV This is how pale I am guys, no kidding Beach, NBD Kids on a Giant Foot at the HSV staduim View from our room hallo Alicante!






Berlin City Girl

February 21, 2013

Well as I am sure you all know I spent the beginning of this month in Berlin with my Class.

It was so fantastic! We visited Check Point Charlie, then we just walked around for a bit. I saw a store where you can go in and BUY CARS! I saw such an expensive car!IMG_5127 IMG_5126 IMG_5125

Then we went walking some with our teacher and later we met up with two super cool girls! I do not think they realized how much we were going to make ourselves be their friends! but fear not! we are now friends!

Then we went to the Brandenburg Gate! That was so amazing to see it at night with the lights. SO AMAZING!IMG_9740 maryyyyy IMG_9737 IMG_9736 IMG_5140 IMG_5139 IMG_5138 IMG_5137 IMG_5135

The fallowing day we visited the mini Bundestag only for Berlin. It was kind of like the General Assembly for Virginia. Pretty cool! It was fairly interesting, at least all the parts I understood! Look! Cool pictures! But before we got to go in we spent almost and hour in Berlin, but we could not do ANYTHING because everything is usually closed at 8am in Berlin. But we got some cool Pictures!IMG_2148 IMG_2147 IMG_2146 IMG_2145 IMG_2143 IMG_2139 IMG_2138 IMG_2137 IMG_2136 IMG_2134 IMG_2133 IMG_2131 IMG_2128 IMG_2127 IMG_2126 IMG_2125 IMG_2124 IMG_2123


And then later we met BRUCE WILLIS! OMG! He was in Berlin for the primiere of his new Die Hard 5 movie! IT WAS PRETTY COOL OMG! I TOUCHED BRUCE WILLIS YALL!

IMG_2319 IMG_2318 IMG_2315 IMG_2314 IMG_2313 IMG_2297 IMG_2295 IMG_2290 IMG_2286 IMG_2281 IMG_2233 IMG_2185 IMG_2158


And we also ate my states building in Berlin! That was really cool I got a ton of Napkins! 😀
We also at the the Bundestag! It was pretty cool we sat with two guys from our class, it was great to expand and speak to more people in our class. When we were done, we got to go into the big Glass Dome at the top. It was so amazing, we went at a time when it was not quiet dark or still super light yet. It was super because we could see all the lights of Berlin on and. AMAZING!

IMG_9971 IMG_9968

So During this experience I found out, that maybe, I am just a little bit afraid of Heights. It took me a lot longer than average to get to the top. I held the railing the entire way up and down. but when I got to the top, I was greeted by a Hug from Laura. :D

So During this experience I found out, that maybe, I am just a little bit afraid of Heights. It took me a lot longer than average to get to the top. I held the railing the entire way up and down. but when I got to the top, I was greeted by a Hug from Laura. 😀

hbndcvjkdfsc IMG_2338 IMG_2337 IMG_2332 IMG_2331 IMG_2330 IMG_2329 IMG_2328 IMG_2327 IMG_2326 IMG_2325 IMG_2324 IMG_2323 IMG_2322 IMG_2321

So yes, Basically Berlin was So Much fun! I know this post is mostly pictures, but I feel like some of the pictures can explain this trip better than the others 😀



Happy Birthday Laura

So I have been a little lazy, but I think three weeks is not too bad. I have a lot going on!

I have been keeping track of my daily life by writing things I want to remember about my day on my calendar. Takes like three seconds and then I will even know what day it happened on. SO and update since January 7th.

I got the worst hair cut of my life. It was probably one of the worse days since I got here. I told her I just wanted a little cut off. Did  not go well. here is a picture that I think explains my feelings towards it pretty well. It was only after a week did I wear it down.

I think this picture rightfully explains how I feel about my hair cut. It is too short. but it is getting a bit better, three weeks later

I think this picture rightfully explains how I feel about my hair cut. It is too short. but it is getting a bit better, three weeks later

The day after my Friend Laura came back! OH MY HOW I MISSED HER!, I also had Subway for my first time in Germany! It was a bit different than in America, but at least they had honey mustard! I also bought some pretty cool shoes, massively on sale. Also have decided I do not need any more stuff. I want to work more towards experiences now!

One day Loke had a friend over, and they made a little play! It was very cute! Made me miss my little sister and my cousin Kate! They always put on shows when they are at my grandparents house!

I also for the first time took the train to Kiel by myself. It went pretty well! I met with a former exchange student who is now living in Germany with her boyfriend! It was really great she helped me figure out how to get to the orthodontist on the bus, so now I can get there all alone! 😀

Then we had mid year! It was so wonderful! We spent a day in Bonn and did a really cool Chair game. We had some new teamers, I really missed my teamers, but it was okay. I felt everybody fit in well! The train ride was crazy! My Friend Jaime got on sooner than I thought she would, so we spent a large amount of time together. Then our friend Mary got on. Jaime and I both jumped up and ran all the way down the train to meet here! It was so cool! I guess Mid year is a little hard to explain because most of the fantastic things that happened were just conversations and things between people. We did not actually DO that much I felt. But I will not lie it was really great! 😀

My HatJaime and MeAlec and MeMary Snowball fight at Mid YearMy Trious at Beethoven's houseThe gummy bear store that gave us like 0234980129384093840928 gummies to tryThe Virginians

I pretty much had this lovely camera glued to my face! I took picutes of everybody and everything!

I pretty much had this lovely camera glued to my face! I took picutes of everybody and everything!

IMG_5964Alec at the History Museum


However, when we came back from Midyear I lost my hat 😦
But the trip was good, not problems other than that. For us anyways! Except for our mad dash from one train to the other in bonn

When I got home from Midyear, I was so sick! I had so much luck that we had such short days! I learned a little bit about German Medicine. What I took, and it worked, was a powder you put in a cup of water and drink three times a day. It worked, because now I can breath!

Last friday a guy from the German “Green Party” came to talk to us, I almost slept through the whole thing. But the parts I understood were pretty cool!

Last weekend I went to Hamburg with a Laura and met with Jaime for her birthday! AND I FOUND MY HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 It was a lot of fun we went to the zoo and ice skating with some of the YFU exchange students. It was pretty cool because a lot of them come from different countries and our common language was German. So interesting. I loved it.

I Jammed my thumb, then I jerked it out and now it feels better. So no stress there.

Yesterday I went for a one hour run, come to find out I could only take cold showers. Not cold, like Ice cold, as in I almost lost my breathe taking it. It was the shortest shower of my life. man oh haha.

My class is now swimming in sport. I am at the point in Bio that I can answer some questions and understand what is happening. Which is pretty cool. Tomorrow I am headed to Berlin with my class. Lets go 😀

My taking to YatC

So my Iphoto had a mind of itseltas I said, my hair is looking betterWe go to art museums just to look out the windowsIMG_20130124_123444

A picture of Stonewall Jackson on an exibit over America. NBD Hometown hero chillen in Flensburg

A picture of Stonewall Jackson on an exibit over America. NBD Hometown hero chillen in Flensburg

Photo on 1-14-13 at 7.09 PMIMG_20130114_161454Photo on 1-12-13 at 10.29 PMIMG_20130110_175118This is where I liveIMG_20130109_162015


January 7, 2013

So Christmas is pretty fun here.

( I just poped in candy cane flavored life saver, from Ashlen, to get me back into the mood of christmas)

So pretty much we had a fantastic weekend, I cannot remember exactly what we did. But it was fun.

On Monday the 24th, that was the big day. Ashlen Maike and I went to church, it was a nice quite little service with a nativity story. It was very cute!

Then we came home for just a little bit. It was nice. Loke was so excited about going over to our grandparents house because that is where all the presents were. So finally we made the dreaded 150 feet walk, passing three whole houses, to my grandparents house.

We then were invited in with open arms! At first we just sat and talked, and tried some danish beer, while our grandmother finished making dinner. A fantastic dinner indeed. Complete with an 8Kilogram Turkey. SO EXCITED! It was so yummy!

Then we played a Danish Christmas game. We had milchreis made with creame rather than milch and strawberry sause. Inside the milchreis were little slices of nuts, the goal was to be the person to find the big nut. When you do you hide it in your mouth until everybody is finished. The one who did, got a little present at the end! Ashlen won, apparently putting Loke out of his winning streak! It was quite cool!

Next we opened presents! PRESENTS! The way we did this was really cool, everybody got dice and when you rolled a 1 or a 6 you got to pick out a random present and give it to whoever it was too. It was a really cool way to do it. Everybody got to see exactly what everybody got and say thank you when they got something. I got a set of German family cook books! Gonna be cooking like a Pro now! I am also now a proud owner of a mug with Loke’s face one it. Cannot wait to use them when I get home 😀

After opening presents the fun kept going. We played Bingo! And when you won then you got another prize! One time I won all three rounds! It was pretty exciting!

Christmas day was pretty chill. Not much happened. Ashlen and I premade a pie crust for the party the next day.

On the second day of christmas, the 26, Hauke’s parents and aunt and uncle came over for a party. We all rose early to help prepare the food. Ashlen and I made a pumpkin pie with home made whipped cream! It was a hit! Quite the day! Also at the end of the day we watched the Flensburg Handball team kick the Kiel Handball team’s butt! GO FLENSBURG!

On the Saturday fallowing Christmas we got up at 5am to travel 9 hours to Bavaria. I slept most of the time. Time well spent. We had my first burger king for lunch. Then we arrived to our small little town at a reaonable hour and then spent some time walking around and exploring. On Sunday we went to the Mt. right out side of our window. However, there was almost no snow at the bottom. So Ski lessons were not going to happen. A fail for me, because I definitely needed them before beginning my snowboarding adventure. Ashlen, who has been snowboarding before, was the only one to go that day.

On Monday we headed to a Mt. about 30 min away from our house. I lucked out and landed a private snowboard lesson with two other girls for only about 30 euros! I spent the rest of the time after my lesson at kinderland. The perfect berg for the first day.

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday Ashlen and I spent our time on the big berg. Only going down the middle range slopes. I fell every single time. But it was fun, and at the end I felt I was definitely getting the hang of it!

On Wednesday we traveled by bus to Prague, Czech Republic. It was really a very interesting city. Since there were so many tourist the common language was usually English. It was very interesting to see people communicating both with their second language. some of it was very formal, such phrases as “pardon me” “excuse me” were used more often than not. Very cool city! We also saw the changing of the Gaurd at a castle. Very cool as well.

On this past saturday we drove back. I did not sleep a wink. I watched Troy and B. Button. In German. With German subtitles. Needless to say I understood quite a bit of it 😀 we also managed to play skip-bo in the car without too many problems.

I got home and found out I got into ODU! BAM!

Photo on 1-5-13 at 7.38 PM


Nothing much happend on Sunday. I ran. Pretty Chill day.

And then today.

Today was good, I thought it was going to be much harder than it was.
And then I got to English class and realized how stupid I am. How much English I really do not know. And how much my English class is helping my spelling and my general grammar knowledge of the English language. Here are some new words I learned about today:
Esteem (Spelling)
Solely (like the sole of your shoe, not the thing inside of you)
Bystander (Not spelled with and i)
Catastrophe (with an E)
Oxen (oxen, not oxes. Apparently if you really do not use a word for over 6 months. You for get your plural rules)
programme (british)
Program (English)
Tonite’s (apparently an acceptable way to spell tonight in the American English Language)

So yes, my English is declining. Wish me luck at college guys.
However, I did manage a 12 out of 15 on my english test.
And a 3plus on my spanish test. Good day.

Anywho, only 9 more days until Midyear! SO EXCITED! 😀

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Es ist Fast Weihnachten!

December 22, 2012

What happens when the nissers are not happy

What happens when the nissers are not happy

Well, let me tell you guys a little something about my life here right now.

First, Yes I got a -3 on my spanish test, and yes I have about at 2 or a 2 plus in my over all spanish class. With a one being the best and a 6 being the worse I am pretty conrent with my grade 😀

second, I mailed out 25 christmas cards. New favorite thing, yes long and hard work was put into them, and yes they will probably be late, and yes some people might get two. I have sent them out! May the season last until you get your card! 😀

Third, the snow has melted and its almost christmas. Today was a very cold day with a ton of wind. As I was walking home from the bus stop, I was so excited to see my host dad coming! YOU HAVE NO IDEA, unless you too, walk home in the cold almost everyday (though I am fine with it with my new warm boots and coat ) I was excited. We then went to buy Berliners. 😀

Four! We got a puppy! JUST KIDDING! We got Ashlen, aka, I have a new host sister. One that speaks German, snowboards, likes me, plays soccer, and is just pretty generally amazing! So yes, after quite a few nudges and creative arguments with good reasoning. I now have a host sister 😀

The nissers, well the nissers had been a little quite until they came back and stacked all of our shoes from the top of the steps to the bathroom downstairs which they then just terrorized! Still Loke left no milch reis out. Mistake. The next morning I pour my milk into my normal mug, and it is Green. Green Milk. Then when we got over that, we opened the butter and it was red. Super. Red butter, and it was a full thing of butter, so we still have so left over red butter if anybody is interested!

Our Shoes...

Our Shoes…

Also recently I gave a presentation on an American Christmas in my english class, I feel like it went pretty well but then even cooler than that was I learned about many other different christmases! There is a Boy, Phillip, in my class who spent a Christmas in Australia and then my German friend Maggie from indonesia told us about her Christmases there. We also talked over the Danish Christmas traditions. Very cool class period if I do say so my self. The fallowing evening we went out punching with our english teacher, only in Germany. It was pretty cool. I also had my first Guinness pint on the same evening. An evening well spent.

The next day Lauren Ashlen and I took a day trip to Hamburg where I got some pretty sweet ornaments for some people at home. I also tried this döner type thing with fetta cheese in it. Pretty lecke! We visited the Christmas Market, I located the Apple Store (Hamburg) I was pretty excited! We drank some glühwein as well! We took a stop to Starbucks and then went to the HSV fan store. If you need it, the HSV store has it in HSV colors. Pretty cool. Let us just say, the present we got for Loke is pretty sweet!

Hamburg adventure :D

Hamburg adventure 😀

Well soon we will put up our christmas tree and then Monday is Christmas! I cannot wait!

The interesting thing is I talked with my host mom about how I was missing my first christmas at home. But the thing is, I have had 17 christmases at home. When I go home I will have them for at least 4 or 5 more years. So one out of 21 or 22 is not bad. And it is not like I am missing it for a bad reason, I am simply spending Christmas with my other family, in another country. A little different, but not bad. Everybody at home is Healthy and doing well (well, mostly) so I am excited! And in less than a week we take out skiing trip! PUMPED YALL! 😀

p.s. it is 4:45 and pitch black outside, good thing I am only a little tired or I would be ready to go to bed right now. HAHA I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE SUN AGAIN!


Hamburg Apple Store

Hamburg Apple Store

Hamburg Bahnhof

Hamburg Bahnhof

Hamburg Christmas Market

Hamburg Christmas Market

How I spent my last Day of school this year

How I spent my last Day of school this year

The Americans Make Dinner, Round 2

Us In the Newspaper

Us In the Newspaper


My Little Sister

My Little Sister






Just a little life moment

December 11, 2012

So just a little life moment, Today I took my first major spanish test. The whole test was in Spanish, there for I understood most of it. I took my test early so I could go home, because I had so many free class periods today. I actually feel like I went into the test knowing what I was suppose to do. I sat in a classroom with one teacher, no cell phones, and no body who was cheating. It was almost like being at home, but not exactly. I studied for a test, just like everybody else in our class. When I sat down to take it, I knew what I knew and I could not study anymore. I dove right in. Did everything I knew right away, used the rest of the test to help figure out what I did not know. When I was finished, I knew I could have done better. I could have studied harder, but that I had done the best I could have done.

Since I left school early, the rest of my class took the test afterwards. Apparently my teacher said I had done decently well, except for the one question I did completely wrong. But it was because I read the directions wrong, a NORMAL STUDENT MISTAKE.


With English class, I am always so anxious to get my english test back. Because I know I am expected to do well, and what native english speaker wants to make a mistake on an english test for people learning it as a second language? not any one I know. But This test I am excited to get back, just to see how I did. I will let you know the results.



p.s. There is currently 2 feet of snow where we are going skiing over new years. I am so excited. LETS GO! 🙂

The Nissers have arrived!

December 4, 2012

Okay, So they told me Christmas would be a big deal here.

They under exaggerated. CHRISTMAS IS A HUGE DEAL HERE!

After some rather sad news about not getting into William and Mary on December first (there is still a little hope) I have not had a down moment.

I came downstairs after a rather sleepless night to find out our “Nissers” had placed both mine and Loke’s Adventkalendars!

Bet you are wondering what a Nisser is, well let me tell you about one of my new favorite holiday traditions. Nissers are small elf like people who live in the attics of houses. A Danish tradtion, They love rice pudding (milch reis) and come out during advent. If they do not get their rice pudding they will be very unhappy. Day three yesterday, still no rice pudding. Loke woke up to his backpack scattered all over the floor! There was also a note, but ya know, the danish writing was kind of a road block. However, I now have an advent calendar. At first I was okay not peaking to see what I was getting the next day. BUT NOW I cannot wait to go downstair and open and was really upset when I FORGOT this morning and had to wait until I got home after school to open it! I got Tic Tacs! 🙂 Well I will keep you guys posted about our Advent adventures!

Something else amazing about Christmas in Germany. THE COOKIES!
Loke and I had a really amazing adventure last week! We were given recipies and had to calculate everything we needed then go to our local grocery store (on bikes) and get everything. It involved a lot of asking for a very kind store employee’s help, it was great! Then on Sunday we baked! It was really a lot of fun! The cookies are SO GOOD! I also learned how to seperate egg yolks and egg whites! I am pretty pumped with this new skill!


After that Loke and I made our Gingerbread house! Its pretty darn cute I think! I will post more pictures as soon as my camera starts feeling better, I happen to be out of Batteries. Current work in progress! Anyways CHRISTMAS IS GOING TO ROCK!

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention! IT IS SNOWING HERE! not a little whimpy first snow, a real big white snow. One that means we have to leave 5 min early to drive slowly to school. One that is currently helping us make snowmen in our back yard. Cannot wait to post pictures of that! Much love from Germany. 🙂

p.s. Somebody please Show My Amazing Granny Polly my pictures on FB. She is missing out because it takes forever to load pictures up here! Thanks ❤AdventKalendaDay oneDay TwoIMG_20121202_162248IMG_20121202_162237IMG_4917IMG_20121204_091128IMG_20121204_091132